We love Spanish food and that is why we import many products straight from Spain!

We  carefully choose our food to provide you the best quality. We work with gourmet brands such as Espinaler (Premium seafood, fish and vegetables), Joselito  & Julian Martin (Spanish Cured Ham), bringing the essence of Spain to our restaurants.

You can pick up the product at the restaurant directly or order online!

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Our Iberico Ham and Cold Cuts are all acorn-fed, 100% Bellota.

In the Pure Ibérico Bellota (acorn fed) Ham you can recognize all the characteristics that make this exquisite delicacy the jewel of Spanish cuisine. Their rich flavors and aromas bring to mind the dehesa meadowlands where the acorns come from. You can distinguish the acorn fed meat from the others easily, by this special aroma and marbled fat that simply melts in your mouth.

Pork Loin, Salchichon and Chorizo have an extraordinary taste, with a smooth and well-defined texture, is the result of a family-kept recipe that goes back more than sixty years.

premium canned seafood

We source our Premium Canned Seafood and fish from Espinaler, a company with generations of gourmet tradition. They hand-pick all the  products and make sure the original, authentic flavour of the product is well kept.  As they say: "From Galician Rias, the coast of Malaga and the best places of the country direct to your table!".

At FOC PIM PAM you will find all the products ranging from simple and delicious Sardines and Tuna Belly to Razor Clams, Mussels and Elver.

olives & olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil comes from Finca La Gramanosa, that has been cultivating grapevines and olives for over 30 years and is firmly committed to providing the highest quality products.

100% Arbequina extra virgin olive oil harvested near Tarragona (Catalunya) is finely textured, fruity and sweet oil has notes of apple, green almonds and artichoke.

It was awarded both nationally and internationally for its quality and excellent flavour. We use it to curate our dishes every day, now you can too!

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