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jamón ibérico fiesta

with Jamón Ibérico Gran Reserva 2010 by Arturo Sánchez

29 & 30th May 2019, Dinner



let’s go IBérico!


Jamón Ibérico Fiesta is coming back again this year with full force! We have prepared for you a very special Jamón Ibérico this time:

Jamón Ibérico Gran Reserva 2010 by Arturo Sánchez 

100% Acorn-fed, cured for over 9 years, only 180 ham legs in the world!

Join us for a two-day dinner indulgence and enjoy a unique selection of Tapas prepared by our Chefs with this outstanding Vintage Jamón Ibérico, hand-cut at Live Jamón cutting station, together with a special selection of wines to pair with all the deliciousness brought to you straight from Spain!

Ready to go Ibérico? Try the prized Jamón Ibérico, a true gem of gastronomy elaborated by the artisans of ibérico ham, recognized and appreciated by the best Chefs in the Iberian peninsula including Luís Andoni Aduriz (Mugaritz), Paco Pérez (Miramar Restaurant) and many more!

jamón ibérico

100% Acorn-fed Gran Reserva 2010

A true gastronomic jewel, because each piece is unique: the height of the union of the best raw material, the pure breed pig raised in the best dehesa fields, and the natural curing in our cellars in Guijuelo.

The free range pigs enjoy 2 years of their life in the best dehesas of Spain, feeding solely on acorns for two full seasons. Their meat is cured for over 9 years in Guijuelo, in natural drying sheds, where the cold, dry wind of the Béjar and Gredos mountains do the rest. The result is an outstanding 100% Iberian cured acorn ham that reaches your table: the essence of a pure, balanced, full flavour. Simply unforgettable.

about arturo sánchez

Arturo Sánchez, remaining faithful to their legacy of over four generations, has been elaborating the best Jamón Ibérico in Spain for the last hundred years. They breed unique, exclusive Iberian pigs and give an artisanal treatment to each piece, acting in symbiosis with Nature.

At Arturo Sánchez pigs are selected in accordance with their requirements in terms of breed, age and food; coming from trusted breeders and the best dehesa fields to the north of Seville and in the south of Extremadura.  They are the only ones who wait, year after year, until the acorn-fed, 100% Iberian pigs reach two years of age and, therefore, have been fed with acorn for two seasons instead of just one. Thus the pigs have a fully developed muscle and bone mass, with healthy fat infiltration in the muscle, which provides a level of oleic acid only surpassed by olive oil.twice the age and have had two acorn-fed seasons.”

The combination of the 100% pure Iberian breed, the age (practically twice the standard in the sector) and an acorn-based feed during two long seasons, results in a unique quality of meat and infiltrated fat. This is the base for the production of our Iberian products, unique among Iberian products, because we are different from the very start.

Read more about Arturo Sánchez here

Luís Andoni Aduriz, Mugaritz

Paco Pérez, Miramar Restaurant

Mario Sandoval, Coque

Manuel Alonso, Casa Manolo

María José San Roman, Monastrell Restaurant

Wednesday & Thursday

29 & 30th May 2019

from 17:00 until late

*100% Acorn-fed Jamón Ibérico Gran Reserva 2010*

Live Jamón Ibérico Cutting Station

Unique Tapas Selection with Jamón Ibérico Gran Reserva 2010

Special Wine Pairings