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jamón ibérico fiesta deluxe

6th Nov 2019, 18:00 till late



deluxe Ibérico experience


Jamón Ibérico Fiesta is coming back again this year with full force for its 4th edition! This time, Deluxe Edition featuring:

Jamón Ibérico Gran Reserva 2013 by Arturo Sánchez 


Perrier Jouët Champagne Selection

There is no better pairing than these two together! The ultimate indulgence featuring the best of the Iberian Peninsula and the best of the French vineyards!

We are very lucky to welcome on this special night Arturo Sánchez García-Ajofrin himself (4th generation of Jamón Ibérico family producers), together with the Export Manager, Nicolas Balland, to tell us all about the Jamón Ibérico elaboration! For the first time in Singapore!

jamón ibérico

100% Acorn-fed Gran Reserva 2013

A true gastronomic jewel, because each piece is unique: the height of the union of the best raw material, the pure breed pig raised in the best dehesa fields, and the natural curing in our cellars in Guijuelo.

The free range pigs enjoy 2 years of their life in the best dehesas of Spain, feeding solely on acorns for two full seasons. Their meat is cured for over 9 years in Guijuelo, in natural drying sheds, where the cold, dry wind of the Béjar and Gredos mountains do the rest. The result is an outstanding 100% Iberian cured acorn ham that reaches your table: the essence of a pure, balanced, full flavour. Simply unforgettable.

Learn more about Arturo Sánchez here:

perrier jouët champagne

Centuries of crafting elegance…

Since 1811, the House of Perrier-Jouët has created wines with a unique signature, floral, stylish and diamond-cut. Distinctive for its Art Nouveau Design and generations of tradition that keep the brand among the top-notch Champagne labels in the world.

The excellence of the Perrier-Jouët vineyards is well-known from the royal courts of Napoleon III or Queen Victoria to the modern Champagne connoisseours. An exceptional vineyard, including the best plots on the Côte des Blanc, give the chardonnays that are predominant in the House’s champagnes all the richness of their floral aroma. Each cuvée is minutely crafted, like silk lace, unveiling the floral & intricate style of the House.

Learn more here:

Wed, 6th Nov 2019

from 18:00 until late


Live Jamón Ibérico carving station

Unique Tapas Selection with Jamón Ibérico Gran Reserva 2013

Special Perrier Jouët Champagne Selection

MEET & GREET the Jamón Ibérico Artisans – Arturo Sánchez & Nicolas Balland – for the first time in Singapore!