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'Gulas' al Ajillo


Delicious seafood ‘spagetti‘ prepared in minutes…

by Chef Javier Vicente



1 Jar of ‘Gulas’ (230g)

20g Peeled Garlic

2 Dried Chilies

Chopped Chives or Parsley

50 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pinch of salt


SERVINGS: 1-2 pax


SPECIAL FOOD REQUIREMENTS: Gluten free, vegetarian, nut free 

About this dish

What appears to be a steaming bowl of thick white noodles is actually a seafood delicacy. In Spain, often served with pasta, seafood, and on top of ‘pinchos’ .

Enjoy the traditional recipe of ‘Gulas al ajillo’ by following the instructions below or sauté them with garlic over some fried eggs or prawns to make a simple and delicious Spanish Tapa.

“Gulas” are a substitute to the elvers, which are made of surimi. This ingredient has a high nutritional value and is low in calories and fats.


1.    Strain ‘Gulas’ with a sieve

2.    Heat olive oil over medium-high heat

3.    Slice the garlic and chillies thinly

4.    Sauté garlic till golden brown, then add the chillies and stir

5.    Add ‘Gulas’ and sauté for a couple of minutes

6.    Season with a pinch of salt and garnish with chives or parsley

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