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Franck massard


14th May, 18:00 till late



let’s go to priorat!

Join us for a unique and exclusive night with wines elaborated by one of the most emblematic Wine Industry personas : Franck Massard. 

On this special night you will get a chance to try the most famous wines from his winery, together with our Special Tapas selection designed by our Chefs. Franck Massard will be with us the whole night, to answer all your questions about the wines in person!

Ready to explore? Join us! There will be no set menus, you may order your favourite dishes a la carte and complete them with our Chef’s Specials and Franck Massard Wines served in Wine Flights (by the glass)! 

tapas specials

Bluefin Tuna ‘Tostada’ with Coriander & Avocado … $22

Grilled ‘Carabinero’ Prawn with Tea & Ginger … $28

‘Donostia-Style’ Roasted Snapper with Mussels … $24 

Creamy Wild Mushroom Rice with Oxtail … $28

Roasted Chicken ‘Canelón’ with Idiazabal … $22

wine specials

Franck Massard El Mago Rose 2017


Franck Massard El Mago Blanco 2016

White Grenache

Franck Massard El Mago Red 2017


Franck Massard Humilitat 2015

60% Grenache and 40% Carignan

Franck Massard Huellas 2014

60% Carignan and 40% Grenache


3 glasses: $40

4 glasses: $45

5 glasses: $50


The wines will also be available on retail, at special, one-night-only prices. Limited stock though, so catch them while you can!

All Prices are subject to GST & Service Charge



Since arriving in Spain, Franck Massard was fascinated by the landscape of the Priorat region, where the sites are a contrast between the enigmatic and the fabulous. He began his project in the region in 2004, in the village of El Molar, where he bought a plot with an old friend. After a while they moved to Poboleda, situated at a higher altitude, with the clear objective of developing a style of more fresh and elegant wine.

The vineyard is located 30 minutes from Tarragona and 18 kilometers from the sea. It is nestled in an amphitheater between 300 and 550 meters above sea level, in one of the coolest areas of Priorat. In the morning, a North wind called Cierzo blows cool and dry and in the mid-afternoon the Garbí wind starts blowing. This comes from the coast and softens the temperature. The synergy of both winds, combined with the altitude at which the vineyard is located, provides a healthy environment. The significant temperature variation between day and night is essential to the development of the grapes as it makes it slower and therefore means the harvest date is later. Thus, the accumulation of aromatic compounds favors a natural freshness and good acidity in the grapes.

The soil is geologically very old. Experts call it Paleozoic bedrock, which is older than 400 million years of age. The Priorat slates are the oldest found in Catalonia. The slate floor or llicorella is characteristic of Priorat, but there is some heterogeneity in soils with more clay areas, as well as granite and limestone. The vineyard has laminated flooring slate, which is very poor in nutrients, little fertile but with good drainage. Yields are low, favoring grapes with smal

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join us!

Tuesday, 14th may 2019

18:00 – till late


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