FOC Prawns 3rd August 2018

We are bringing you something real special this time, a very unique and prized produce not only in Spain, the best prawn in the world:

Red Prawn from Palamós!


Our Alma Mater, Chef Nandu Jubany (Michelin Star Chef) will be coming to Singapore to cook a very special selection of toothsome dishes featuring this extraordinary product!




Only in a setting as natural as Palamós can there exist a product such as Palamós Prawns (Gambas de Palamós), found in the secret depths of the Mediterranean. The incomparable quality of Palamós Prawns makes it so unique. Their reddish body, their firm texture, their freshness and their incomparably exquisite flavour, will definitely make you crave for more once you try them for the first time. We get them air-flown to Singapore, making sure you will be getting the freshest produce.




The prawn traditionally has been fished in the Palamós coasts and in other Catalan coastal towns as by example Blanes, Arenys, Roses or of the coast of Tarragona. Towards 1950 fishermen come from the south of Catalonia and of the Valencian Country they introduced the technology of fishing of trawling in Palamós and parallel some very important fishing-grounds of shrimp were discovered. Since then it has gained importance in the Comfraria de Pescadors de Palamós (Fishing Confraternity), and nowadays it has achieved renown and recognition. Their long maritime tradition gives them a certain legitimacy in the art of fishing, as is often the case when a profession is handed down from generation to generation. That is why the “Gamba de Palamós Marca de Garantia” (Palamós Prawns Guarantee) is a recognition of their daily work and skill in making sure the prawns continue to be of the highest quality.




Don't miss this special occasion to try one of the best Spanish products, with a world-wide renown for its unique quality and flavour!


We will be serving a la carte menu and the Special selection of Red Prawn from Palamós dishes, no set menus!


Reserve via direct reservation link or contact us directly:

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