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fiesta de san juan

Celebrating the beginning of Summer with FIRE!

22nd & 23rd of June, All weekend long!



let’s go fiery!

FOC PIM PAM is getting festive this June… with Fiesta de San Juan! In Spain, the arrival of summer is one of the biggest annual fiestas. The feast of St John, known as San Juan, is a FIRE-themed festivity that involves dancing, eating, drinking and staying up into the early hours to celebrate the beginning of summer!

We are bringing this exciting tradition to Singapore for you to enjoy every bit of it, with Special Fiery Tapas, Fire Live cooking, Flaming drinks, Fire Dance Show, and Live music!

what is fiesta de san juan?

The traditional midsummer party in Spain is the celebration in honor of San Juan (St. John) and traditionally takes place on the evening of June 23. From north to south, Spain light up with the bonfires, celebrating the heathen and religious traditions. They say that fire drives out evil spirits, that it purifies, protects and regenerates. 

San Juan festivals take place all over Spain; bonfires are lit and a set of firework displays usually take place, accompanied by numerous concerts and all different kinds of celebrations. Every region and city has its distinctive traditions, with all of them revolving around the fire theme. Catalonia has their Foguera de San Joan, Castille and León highlights their Firewalking FestivalCádiz burns figures representing famous people or events (known as Juanillos), while Menorca is well known for horse parades and Mallorca for the Correfocs.

Fiesta de San Juan is all about gathering around the bonfire, sharing the joy of welcoming the summer with your friends and family.

live music

Fiestas de San Juan wouldn’t be complete without live music, so popular during this lively festivity. If you have been with us during Feria de Abril, you already know one of our great musicians, if not – you have a lot to discover! Not flamenco flair this time, a little more Latino and party vibes, to keep you swaying to the feel-good tunes until late… Prepare your dancing shoes for the best live music experience with Carlos Sendrós! A professional musician with over 15 years of experience, renowned among South East Asia’s public. You may know him from SingJazz, Señor Taco band and Flamenco Shows in Singapore. He will be bringing some great company, so stay tuned!


Guitarist, singer

Carlos is a guitarist and singer from Barcelona, Spain. He recently completed a 1.5 year residency at the St. Regis, Macau, and is currently based in Singapore. His versatility to adapt to different music genres makes him unique – from jazz standards to pop and oldies, Brazilian samba and Latin salsa  – Carlos incorporates his personal style into each song.


Saturday: Carlos Sendrós, Moy ‘Nené’ Olivera & Mario López

Sunday: Carlos Sendrós & Ernesto Enriquez Castillo

Fire Dance Show

Prepare yourself for a truly fiery show, with our FIRE DANCERS, they will definitely spice up the vibes at the party

– On Saturday Night only-

food & drinks

Prepare yourself for the Fire Feast! Chef Javi has prepared a great range of fiery Tapas, as well as Fire Live Cooking Station at our Alfresco Terrace with BBQ Specials, Giant Paella and many more…! Refreshing yet flaming drinks to be expected!

We will be serving these specials along with our regular a la carte menu (limited) throughout the whole weekend!

saturday, 22 June 2019

from 18:00 until late

What’s on? Party-Party vibes, including:

 – Special Fiery Tapas –

– Fire Live cooking –

 – Flaming drinks –

 – Fire Dance Show –

– Live music –

sunday, 23 June 2019

all day long!

What’s on? A laid-back Sunday (from brunchy hours, until late), including:

– Special Fiery Tapas –

– Fire Live cooking –

– Flaming drinks –

– Live Music at Dinner –