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feria de abril

25th & 26th April 2020

A special weekend dedicated to the April festivities of Andalucia


Celebrating Spain’s most lively festival!

Reimagining the monumental Seville Fair, we will be celebrating the joyous occasion at FOC PIM PAM by transforming into a large fair filled with lights, colours and most importantly: a lot of fun!

Dive into the Andalusian culture with us over the weekend at FOC PIM PAM with:

  • Traditional Andalusian food, drinks, and wine
  • Live Flamenco Music
  • Flamenco Dance Show
  • more entertainment surprises!

What is Feria de Abril?

Light, colour, and a lot of joy. Every year, Sevilla is taken over by its ‘Feria de Abril’, the fair of all fairs, a microcosm where the idiosyncrasy of the city unfolds with all its charm and power of seduction. It dates back to 1846 when it was originally organized as a livestock fair by two councillors José María Ybarra and Narciso Bonaplata.

Seville’s Feria de Abril begins the night of the “alumbrao”, the inaugural moment when all the fairground lights are lit. This is also the night the traditional “pescaíto frito” (fried fish) is tasted in the stands. Manzanilla is the wine of the Feria: around 1.5 million bottles are consumed! After a week of constant celebration, the Fair concludes with a great fireworks display over the Guadalquivir River.

The Fair is like a small, ornate town: an ephemeral world where the houses are booths, lit with lanterns and all the streets are named for legendary bullfighters. Every year, a monumental colourful facade is erected at the entrance to commemorate a monument of the city of Seville. The facade is lit with thousands of light bulbs and is the traditional meeting place for Sevillians.

La Feria de Abril is accompanied by men and women dressed up in their finery, ideally the traditional “traje corto” (short jacket, tight trousers and boots) for men and the “faralaes” or “trajes de flamenca” (flamenco-style dress) for women.


It is a ticketed event, free seating – no table reservations

Sat, 25th Apr 2020 | 17:00 until late

Andalusian food & drinks
Live Flamenco Music
Flamenco Dance performance
& more surprise entertainment!

Sun, 26th Apr 2020 | All-day long!

Andalusian food & drinks
Live Flamenco Music (lunchtime & dinner time)
Flamenco Dance performance
& more surprise entertainment!


During these two days, we will be serving a special selection of dishes & drinks featuring many traditional Andalusian dishes served at the live cooking stations. No a la carte items will be available.

Please note that we will be using coupons ($5 denominations) for all food and beverage sales. You can purchase them online (check our special offer!) and collect them on the day itself, or buy them on the spot at FOC PIM PAM.


T&C: Please note that the tickets are not refundable. If you can’t make it, you may always pass them to a friend. Just contact us at reservations@focpimpam.com to change the name on the ticket. The tickets will only be refunded in case of the event cancellation.