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Come to enjoy Easter weekend with us!

21st April, 11:30 – 15:00 



Easter is coming!

Join us to celebrate the Easter weekend and enjoy Boqueria Market Brunch experience! Whole morning and early afternoon, full of delicious Tapas, Paella, Suckling Pig, Churros and… our Easter Specials! 

To complete the Easter joy, our Bar Team has prepared a free flow of Sangria, Cava, selected beer and Gin and Tonics! 

EASTER in Spain

The Easter period in Spain is known as Semana Santa (or Holy Week), and events in many cities around the country really do last the whole week. You will not find modern Easter egg hunts or giant bunnies; it’s more about the religious aspect of the period, filled with masses, processions and religious floats. The most festive celebrations are held in Andalusia, especially Seville.

Families gather usually on the Easter Sunday to enjoy the typical seasonal delights that you may find across Spain:


Traditional sweet snack, similar to French Toast, that consist of pan-fried bread soaked in milk and egg, served with cinnamon sugar or honey


Little pastries popular especially in Andalusia made with fried sesame-flavoured dough glazed with honey or sugar.

Monas de Pascua

Typical Easter cakes that can be found in the Catalunya and Valencia regions. It is a sweet bread ring with eggs. You may have also seen modern versions filled with cream, covered in chocolate, and topped with chicks and chocolate Easter eggs.

When your sweet tooth needs a break from all the fried and baked sweetness, there are also some typical savoury dishes to indulge in:

Sopa de Ajo

Garlic soup with chicken broth and peppers, sometimes topped with fried or soft-boiled egg.


Spaniards love their stews and they have many regional and seasonal recipes in all parts of Spain. You may try Fish, meaty and veggie stews.

food Menu

live stations

Ibérico Cold Cuts Cheese Selection Spherical Olives

‘Escalivada’ on Toast with Anchovies

Bread with Tomatoes

Olivier Salad with Tuna

Andalusian Seafood ‘Salpicón’

Greek Salad Andalusian

Traditional Gazpacho

Spanish ‘Tortilla’ with Alioli

HOT STEWS (Easter Specials)

Chickpeas, Spinach and Salted Cod ‘Potaje’ Stew

Cod with ‘Samfaina’

Sweet Endings

Churros with Chocolate

Fruit Salad Caramel Pudding

Easter Specials:

Mini-‘Torrijas’ (Spanish French Toast)

‘Pestiños’ (honey-coated fritters)

Galician ‘Filloas’ (crepes)

‘Pan Quemado’

‘Mona de Pascua’

Food Parade

FOC Cod-Fritters

Spinach and Pinenuts Croquetas

FOC ‘Patatas Bravas’


Roasted Chicken Canelón

Segovian-Style Suckling Pig

free flow

Selected Drinks:

Cava, Beer, Sangria, Gin and Tonic


food only – $68++/person

Food + Free flow – $98++/per person

kids (below 12) – $28++/per kid

join us!


11:30 – 15:00